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Leonard Cooper
Aug 16 – Oct 14

Latest work from the world of intimate paintings.


Stephanie Rand
Aug 28 – Oct 2

Explore the mysterious side of homosexuality.


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What Is the Importance of Nudity in Art?

What Is the Importance of Nudity in Art?

Why could this unexpected imposition of nudity—nudity wonderfully portrayed in a renowned masterwork, no less—have such a stunning effect on its viewers, I wondered? Was it because they were stiff-upper-lip Americans rather than sassy French? Was it due to the...

In the Visual Arts, it’s OK to be naked.

In the Visual Arts, it’s OK to be naked.

The word nude is derived from the Latin nudus, which means "naked" or "bare," as in a state of undress or primaeval nakedness. However, in the West, the phrase in the nude or the nude has come to mean works of art, cultural traditions, and socioreligious views. As a...

Feminist Ethical Considerations

Feminist Ethical Considerations

Introduction The status of female nudity in Renaissance art poses an incredible array of ethical difficulties for contemporary feminists. While aesthetically pleasing, such nudity can be regarded as reducing women to their sexuality and perpetuating sexist beliefs....