Artwork ideas

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of your available artistic choices? As your creative vision improves, and as you have a strategy to achieve it, the more difficult it becomes to employ inspiration rather than being driven by it.

If you find yourself in a rut when searching for an artwork concept, coming at your work from a fresh aspect could assist. I just finished a personal project in which the images were mostly influenced by some really unique paper.

On the materials

I acquired eight handmade mulberry paper sheets in Japan during my residence there. I purchased the extra paper because I knew I’d never been able to use it again.

Because of that, I was motivated. Each print of the image was made to show how unique each piece of paper is. the paper determined the design and a fresh method, using one-off prints

This won’t require special paper. Moving the attention from your subject matter to your resources will influence your creativity

.white spiral notebook beside white pen

Plan ahead

Additionally, a backup set of ideas should be obtained before beginning a new artwork. I spend a lot of time sitting around just doodling. Results and things I believe I can utilize are of primary importance to me. I have a drawer full of paper covered in thumbnail ideas, odd notes, and abstract forms that go back years.

When I’m unsure, I pull everything out of the drawer and thoroughly examine everything. In my collection of odd thoughts, new prints have often been born. Sharing my ideas drawer with new projects usually feels like a treat, so I save all my scribbling and doodling for wet days.

Find a new application for the scribbling you created on the bus. It’s amazing how new ideas can appear after you mess about.