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When it comes to finding interesting swimsuits and bikini body painting ideas for the beach, the sky is the limit to how creative you can get. The art of wearing body paint instead of real bikinis has become the new trend these days, and you’ll discover how you can enjoy this fun idea too.

So it’s summer and the best season to stop by the beach and enjoy the warm relaxing sun. And what can be more interesting than coming up with your own unique style: body painting swimsuit!

Why? Maybe you just enjoy it as a fun, creative idea. Or maybe you want your whole body to get some sun exposure to get a nice full skin that is beautiful. After all, going in a painted bathing suit to the beach will help you achieve that.

So how can you draw your own beach body art? Here are some helpful free ideas and tips to help you get that perfectly beautiful design you have in mind.

Idea # 1: Pick the Best Swimsuit Painting Idea That Suits You

The first secret to gorgeous looking bikini body art, is to choose a great design that matches your curves, skin tone, and hairstyle. You can simply browse your favorite summer style magazine to find your favorite bikini design.

Or if you already have a bathing suit that looks great on you, you can also use it to paint on your skin.

Idea # 2: Use Water Resistant Paint Colors

This is especially important if you want to swim in the ocean in your newly designed bikini. Most of the paint ink material will wash away and disappear when touched with water. But you can always ask for waterproof ink.

The only downside later is the challenge of getting it out of your skin, as it won’t wash off easily with water. So also make sure to buy a specialty paint cleaner from the store.

Idea # 3: Check Out Body Painting Photo Galleries Online for More Ideas

You’d be surprised how many fun sexy creative design ideas you can find easily in this online gallery. There are lots of celebrity pictures and painting festivals showing a variety of art ideas to use for your beach wear designs.

So hope you’ve found these tips and ideas helpful for creating your own beach bikini painting and body art.